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[en] PHP 7 Quick Scripting Reference



[en] PHP 7 Quick Scripting Reference


Катэгорыі:  [en] Computers & Technology, Programming, Software Design, Software Development, PHP


Кароткае апісанне:

[en] This pocket reference guide with the new PHP 7.0 release



Колькасць старонак:  [en] 138

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This pocket reference guide has been updated with the new PHP 7.0 release. It is a condensed, code-rich scripting and syntax handbook for the PHP scripting language. PHP 7 Quick Scripting Reference presents the essential PHP script in a well-organized format.

You won’t find any technical jargon, bloated samples, drawn out history lessons or witty stories in this book. What you will find is a Web scripting language reference that is concise, to the point and highly accessible. The book is packed with useful information and is a must-have for any PHP programmer or Web developer.

In it, you will find a concise reference to the PHP 7 scripting language syntax. It includes short, simple and focused code examples and a well laid out table of contents and a comprehensive index allowing easy review.

What you’ll learn

Who this book is for

Experienced PHP programmers and web developers, who may be new to PHP.